Sunday, August 14, 2005

god it's tiring saying no all fucking day

For the short while that I worked, I’d come home, my toddler would be totally excited to see me, we’d play, and I’d get him ready for bed. Now that I’m with him all day again and there’s a new baby I’m quote, “No fun” as told by my toddler to my wife. The constant testing of boundaries and doing things that can almost kill himself results is a steady peppering of no’s through out the day. It’s really wearing me out, I understand why so many people are bad/spoiling parents, because it’s just so much easier than constantly teaching, working and butting heads with a three year old. A major part of the problem is that my toddler is totally spoiled by having received an excessive amount of gifts from his grandmother, she has not over done it recently but the damage is done. My wife and I have stepped up with limiting the amount of gifts that he gets, but again, it’s a little late.

from 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao


No. No. No.
This ruins a child.

Children are one of the most precious aspects of life, and yet they often are mistreated and abused. If you are a parent, your most important task is to raise your child with as little trauma as possible. Firmness, consistency, and patience are essential. There will undoubtedly be times when you have to correct a child to prevent mistakes and bad habits. However, when it comes to a child's curiosity, individuality, or initiative, there should never be any discouragement. In that sense, it is wrong to say no.