Thursday, May 28, 2009


Drug-laced brownies send prom-goers to hospital

Five students who attended the ... High School Junior Prom last week became ill after consuming marijuana-laced brownies on the way to the dance, and four of them needed to be hospitalized, police said.
The students ate the tainted brownies in their rented limousine en route to the dance, held last Wednesday, May 20, according to a letter Assistant Principal ... sent home to the students’ parents on the day after the incident.
Two of the students, who were 16-year-old females, showed "obvious signs of distress," said Montclair Police Lt. James. Both of them vomited and "one girl was completely incoherent and unable to communicate," while the other teen complained of a headache and stomachache, ... said.
Three other students, two boys and a girl who were around the same age, also were sickened by the brownies. The latter female called someone for a ride, while the other four students were all taken to the ... Hospital Emergency Room.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Comedian

My four year-old made me laugh a couple of time last week.

He asked what I was doing I said emailing your Great Aunt Coco and he replied, "She's called hot coco so you can drink her."

His older brother is really into Godzilla now and was commenting on how lucky the people in Tokyo are because they have access to more Godzilla toys than we do in the USA, and he said they must really love Godzilla, the four year-old replied:


And then bust out laughing. I know parents are unduly impressed with their kids, but I thought that was very quick witted.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Various music notes

A few things I have just not gotten around to posting about music.

After hearing the first riff of the Who's "I Can't Explain" my four year-old asks,
"Is this the Clash?"
No son, but the Clash totally did Who style riffs like that, they definitely were influenced by them.

I was playing a mix of my favorite tracks from 2008 and my 6 year-old correctly asked asked, "Dad is this Tricky?"
Yes son, good ear.

It's funny I do not know how many people in the world under 20 could recognize as song as being made by Tricky. Probably not that many over 20 as well, but that is besides the point.

1st grader, "Dad am I goth?"
Dad, "A little bit, son a little bit."
His favorite TV show, Phineas and Ferb has a goth character on it, who is actually shown in a positive and non-stereotypical manner. He also likes some Bauhaus songs and always asks what kind of music a song is when he recognizes that it as a new style to him.

Hamster Update

The hamster is doing much better, the wound which once covered a space larger than a nickel, is now about 1/10 that size, so all the trouble and money have been worth it, even if she does not live out a full two years, having her die after one having her for a month would have been traumatic to our 1st grader, so we are very glad that her meds are working and her life has been extended.
Side note from the twice daily steroids she's on our hamster looks like she's ready for lucrative contract with the Yankees, she's all bulked up and muscular now.

Dreams imitating art

My first grader was very upset this morning and cried a bit, mostly about not wanting to go to school because as I've mentioned here before he does not understand why "he spends more time at school than at home."

He also said he has had dreams about his hand being cut off and bleeding to death.
So as I was brushing his hair and trying to sooth his nerves I tried to put on my dream interpretation hat and figure out what that dream might mean.

After dropping him off at school, late as usual, I remembered that we have been watching the whole Star Wars saga in the story's chronological order (as opposed to the movies release date order), and both Luke and Anakin Skywalker have their hands cut off at different points so there probably is no deep psychological meaning to the dream, more of a being freaked out factor, which made me rethink what we are letting him watch and listen to for that matter. He is still six, for a few more weeks at least, and I fear I've allowed him to become use to entertainment that is not age appropriate.