Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Yeah We Finally Moved

We didn't have Internet for a month, went on two week long vacations, one down the shore and one in California, still have many things in boxes and tons of items in storage, weren't able to get some renovations done to the house while we were away on vacation so life still feels in a state of disarray.

Driest Hands in the World : More Hits from the Palm

Dipping into postings that I wrote in my Palm Pilot but never got around to posting on the blog. This one is from this past winter:

Every time someone goes to the bathroom in my house i have to wash my hands, the toddler with his diapers and cleaning him up after using the potty seat, checking the kindergartner to make sure he actually wiped after pooping, and of course myself, add to this that we are all on the same cycle so this all happens within 20 to 30 minutes of each other, that I'm semi-recovered from having a hand washing OCD problem, and that I pretty much hate the feel of lotion on my hands all equal me having the driest hands in the world.