Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I run my pre-schooler through a battery of questions when I pick him up from school everyday, to see what they are teaching him, to make sure no one is hurting him, and to keep track of his social development.
The other day as he was telling me about his day @ school he was like, “this that the other and I was sitting next to that kid I want to touch,” HUH?
Me, “Aaahh, okay, is it a boy or a girl that you want to touch?”
Him, “A girl.”
Me, “Aaahh, okay, why do you want to touch her?”
Him, “Because she’s so cute!”
Me, “Well that’s the right reason to want to touch someone, but let me teach the appropriate way to touch other people ….”

My wife went on a 10-day business trip, things got pretty disastrous around house. As I stated previously both kids have been handing a cold back and forth to each other, so they were both particularly needy for attention. So I run upstairs for something, literally come back 90 seconds later and my 3 year-old is sitting on the floor facing an outlet, both feet on the wall, using both hands trying to pull the white safety plugs out of the socket! Great, now it’s the worried yell followed by the-stern-talking-to tempered by reassurance that they were not being bad per se, doing something EXTREMELY dangerous.