Friday, September 15, 2006

Have you been peed on today?

I was changing my 20 month-old's diaper, and once I got through all of the dirty work he stood up and was grabbing toys off the top shelf of the changing table, so I'm holding him against my chest putting things back where they belong, trying to get a diaper on him, all the while my mind is wandering to comments I heard on sports radio the other day by a host that I don't always listen too, his show "the herd" (how appropriate) comes on in the morning between two shows I do listen to, the morning show on Newark's Jazz station WBGO and Steven A. Smith on ESPN radio, anyway this guy is dissing people who have a counter culture view of the world, people in grad school / east coast university grads / intellectuals, and stay at home dad's, (so basically he's hitting me where I live) why I don't really know, I didn't catch why he was on this diatribe, but stupidly it really pissed me off, partially because judging by other times I've heard this guy, he seemed intelligent enough to know better. So basically the past few days I've been going over this my mind, hoping to run into him some where so I could bash his fucking head open, or some other aggro fantasy, I guess it's because I hate how it's easy for these radio personalities to diss people who aren't in front of them, and how they appeal to the tyranny of the majority, "there aren't many stay at home dads, or many counter culture people listening to sports radio so I can diss them and it won't effect my ratings, or get me in trouble with my superiors."
So as I'm playing this over in my head for about the third time my son starts to urinate on me. And you know what, it just pointed out to me to focus on my own life, don't worry about the haters, closed minded people and other ignorant assholes, and lastly don't pollute my time listening or watching crap on the radio or tv. Still sucks getting peed on though.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Four year-old started full-time preschool yesterday, I understand kids being in daycare all day if no one can be home with them during the day, but a 6 hour school day is too long for pre-school I think, but that’s how they do it now-a-days.

Junk food, TV and the internet 'are poisoning childhood'
"A child's mental and physical growth cannot be accelerated," "It changes in biological time, not electrical speed. Childhood is not a race." "In a fast-moving, hyper-competitive culture, today's children are expected to cope with an ever-earlier start to formal schoolwork and an overly academic test-driven primary curriculum."

I think these statements hit things right on the head, and touch on what I was alluding to when commenting on six hour school days for preschoolers.

Unfortunately the more busy I am, the less I blog, which means when the shit hits the fan, I’m usually too engrossed to retell the tales on this page, I’ve jotted down a number of notes in my palm pilot that will hopefully soon make there way on to this blog.