Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

More Daddy Rock

My second grader recounted a conversation he had with one of classmates who is also on his basketball team,
"Does your Dad wear earrings?"
"Is he a rocker?"
"Ahh no, well yeah, yes he is."


That is better than my pre-schooler's friends who told me I was a girl because I wear earrings as I drove them after school to our house for a playdate.
I told them there logic was faulty, if that was true then what about this, "Do your mommies have hands?'
"Do you have hands?"
"Well you must be girls, you must be mommies because you have hands."

Rather than learning the error of their initial logic they all began hiding their hands in the sleeves of their winter coats to show me they were not girls.

Daddy Rocks!

My boys were away at their maternal grandmother's for Valentine's for a few days, (cue porn music, bow-chicka-wow-wow) when they got home they were so excited to be back it was really great. Even though it wasn't boy's night, one of two days a week where we play video games together, I let them play Lego Star Wars II while I was making dinner.
I heard my big boy make a plan with the little one, "Let's go upstairs and say ..." I thought did he say ... then they march upstairs chanting, "DADDY ROCKS, DADDY ROCKS!" and gave me a big group hug.
It was really nice to see they missed me and being home, especially since their grandma's is a basically a rules free zone of constant TV, fast food, and not having to finish your vegetables to get dessert.

Now three days later they are back to making up songs about how I am mean because they can't play video games before school ("but Dad its an educational one!").


I am working on my Master's application personal statement right now and went from cranking rough draft of a heart felt retelling of my turbulent home environment and neighborhood growing up, memories flooding back, too many for this format but get them all down, edit it later. Making the connections of how these experiences led to my world view and how that world view will help me to help other and make the world a better place ... to I want to help people so they are healthy ... why are my answers so dumb now, oh, it's an hour past when I normally eat lunch and all I have had the past four hours is coffee, time for a break.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Childhood Obesity Dilemma: How Something So Simple Got Complicated


I am currently filling out a graduate school application for a MSW, and there is a field that asks for honors. The first thing that came to mind was Dean's List, maybe but probably not those lame Key Club honors, but when I saw what they listed as the examples: ABRCMS, DAAD, FAMU, Fulbright, IRT Consortium; I realised that they might not view my lame Dean's List achievements as honors.
Any advice from ya'll out there on the "interwebs"?

I am definitely fearing that to get accepted to a competitive program I will need to put in a few years of dues working at DYFS to up my Social Work street cred.

Honestly if I could get a legit MSW from Git A Degree Online In Yr Boxers University, (GADIYB U for short) I would, but my research into those Online schools came up with them lacking, and a bunch of annoying sales-ish calls from "counselors" who seemed more like once promoted telemarketeers.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Duct Tape is there nothing you can't do?

About a month ago I started noticing a scrapping sound every time I drove into or out of my driveway. After a week I looked under the car and saw that there is some kind of cover underneath the front of my car and it was coming loose.
With closer inspection I noticed that a number of screws had come out of this under-covering causing it to hang down. I kept saying to myself when the weather gets better I will try to do something about it.
The weather kept getting worse. Today I had to park illegally in a pay parking lot to drop my preschooler off at school. The lot was not shovelled out so I had to park on top of a bunch of hardened snow. It may just have dawned on you, but it did not dawn on me that backing up over said snow with this thing hanging from underneath the front of my car may be troublesome.
Well after hearing the crunch, followed by the now constant scraping sound I new cold weather or not I could no longer procrastinate on taking care of this issue.
I could not find any left over screws that fit the bill, so as it has on countless jobs before, duct tape leapt to the rescue, lets just hope it will hold up through the snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

Adjustment Disorder

... don't ever take seven years off of working, damn near impossible to get your mind back into the regular work world groove, especially when you view it as a rut ... when i lost my theater rating / secret shopper / spy gig i should have looked to get something new right away ...

Adjustment Disorders

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One Served

About three or four months ago when my little guy was still four years-old he was doing that repetitive question asking thing they do when they want something. I do not know if they think they are wearing you down, if they forgot they already asked, or if they think you forgot they already asked about xy&z.
So after asking about xy&z a zillions times my son runs up the stairs and tracks me down thinking maybe asking me on a different floor will net a different result to his question. I have no recollection of what the question was, can I play video games, can I have a cookie, can I have juice instead of water are some of the usual suspects.
He runs up to me and I cut him off saying, "No honey," he interjects, "But Dad you don't know, I am asking about ...," I then finish his sentence, "You are asking about xy&z, which you have asked me about five or six times and the answer is still no."

His response, "Oh man, I just got served!" and dejectedly went back downstairs with his head hung low.

We had heard someone say, "You just got served" a few weeks prior to that, but my little guy had not used the phrase before or since.