Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wallets and Dead Ends

About a month ago I made my 2nd grader a wallet out of duct tape, I gave him a choice of colors and what character would be on the front, white and Darth Vader. A few days ago I asked my 4 year-old if he wanted me to make him a wallet as well, he said yes a black one, so I made him a black one with batman on the front.
I have made a system of color and character delineation that minimises disputes and arguments, the big guy gets anything that is blue and spider-man, the little dude gets dibs on anything red or batman.
So the next morning the preschooler is attacking his big brother and his wallet with his new wallet.
Me - what's going on?
7yrold - he's attacking me, hitting my wallet with his wallet
Me - buddy that's not what wallets are for, you don't hit stuff with them
4yrold - daddy what are wallets for?
Me - oh you don't know, sorry, you keep money in them
4yrold - okay


As I was driving back from dropping off my 2nd grader at school my four year old was looking out the window and said
"Daddy when is the world going to end?"
Me - what? who told you that the world is going to end?
"Where is the end of the world"
Me - what exactly do you mean?
"The yellow signs say 'Dead End'"
Me - Oh, that just means the roads end there
"Why do the end"
Me - because of the park, it would not be so nice if it was all roads and cars so the end the roads on the edge of the park

He did not fully understand why the roads ended, but he was no longer concerned about the world coming to an end, one of the perils of being about to read early before you have much understanding of the world.