Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Emotional Morning / I don't want a mustache / grown-ups have babies

My 7 year-old told me he had dirt on his face and pointed to the corner of his mouth. I told him that's not dirt, that's your mustache. Well that was a big mistake, I had not realized until after speaking to my wife a few minutes ago that my son was upset this morning, he had asked her not to go to work and was crying when she left. This puts some of his actions and comments into perspective, like why he told me he never wants me to work, to which I responded that I will have to work someday.

Anyway, he starts freaking out about the hair on his lip, I don't want to have a mustache, I don't want to grow up, etc.
I was like come on guy, your growing up into a little Italian man and made some jokes about making pizzas with me, but sophomoric humor just made things worse. I then had to go into the god put hair there to protect you from the sun so you don't get sun burnt (we'll get to talking about evolution later, I'm just trying to get my kid to school on time so don't start accusing me of being a proponent of intelligent design or any crap like that).
That did not make him feel any better, I told him not to worry that he will not truly have a mustache until he's at least 16 or 17, "But I don't want one then either I don't ever want one."
Well then you'll just have to shave like everybody else.

I had him feel my two day razor stubble, I was like look, this is real facial hair, it's black and scratchy, now feel yours, "I can't feel it," exactly and you can barely see it either, what you have is called peach fuzz, you have it on your arms and legs and face, and it is barely visible, it is there to protect your skin, you have very pale skin and so you need it, and you are half Italian so you will have plenty of it.

He liked the idea of peach fuzz and started to chill out, then his brother starts calling the sun block I am putting on my big guy's face a mustache like Adam Ant, I said no it is war paint like Adam Ant, but he kept trying to talk about mustaches, so I had to forbid that word from being spoken for the rest of the morning.

Oh so of course we were a few minutes late getting of to camp, and as I have mentioned before I lack the ability to split my self into two separate but fully functioning versions of myself, so getting two kids to two camps that start at the same time is rather difficult, though not in walking distance as they were from our last house, at least the camps are in the same neighborhood.
Anyway there has been a bunch of work on our local roads, great things are getting done, good, stimulus package money is getting spread out into the local economy, good, every fucking day there is a detour in a different place than the day before, bad. Can not they work at night? Probably costs more with graveyard shift or overtime pay, okay I get it. But at least there could be proper signage, I get to the top of my block, the road looks like hell, but there is not a sign or cones, I get ready to turn, and a police officer yells no, not in a dicky way or anything, then I see cones on the side of the road in some bushes, it is 8:58 a.m., I know they start working much earlier than that, just put up some kind of indicator that lets me know that the road is closed so I do not have to waste my time, it would be easiest to drive out into the closed road to turn around but the cop is staring at me, there are cars parked on the side of the road so I have to pull off a tight K-turn while late with the boys asking me what's going on and the cop watching, as in I can't just do it quick and not worry about playing bumper cars, so I am trying to keep my profanity under my breath and then my 7 year-old says sorry that it is his fault, to which I replied, you do not work for the town, it is not your job to put up traffic signs, it is not your fault, and we are late most of the time anyway, so please do not worry about it.

Though I think at some point on the ride to camp I made a snide comment about not getting upset about things that are natural, I really need to check myself and stay on point when I comes to my children's self perception and esteem, if I was cognisant that he was feeling bad I should not have brought the issue up in an insensitive joking or blaming manner. My bad. Though I did give him a Stuart Smalley pep talk before he stepped into his first class today. Hopefully it counteracted any missteps I made this morning.

Having very little to do with the above information, when ever you talk about children growing up, or a grown up couple who do not have kids my four year-old starts talking about when you grow up and live with another grown up you can have kids, he told my wife's cousin who lives on our block and is married but without children and beyond average child bearing years, that she is going to be having a baby inside her soon because she and her husband are grown-ups and they live together.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In love? It's not enough to keep a marriage, study finds

Really ?!? What not a surprise to anyone who has ever been married.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ouch, the day after

So I was woken up around 6 am by my four year-old jumping around my bed looking for cuddles and entertainment from my wife and I. Besides having to pee, man I hate that, waking up early having to pee, because you know you have to get out of bed and you are not going to get back to sleep.
More importantly after spending yesterday doped up and a little giddy that the source of my anguish had been rooted out of my face I forgot what it's like to wake up in pain. Even these past couple of months with my sinus and tooth issues they would usually get worse as the day went on, peaking in the mid-afternoon, this morning however it was like the pain had been storing itself up for the six hours I was asleep just waiting to kick my ass as soon I awoke.
To me pain always feels worse after you've been using painkillers, of course constant pain is in reality worse than intermittent pain, with constant pain one kind of resigns themselves to the situation, the pain that comes after the painkillers wear off seems almost impetuous, like god didn't I deal with you already, then you have to figure out what painkiller to take, I haven't eaten yet, and I have to drive the kids, get the house ready for company, damn no hydrocodone until bedtime.
Also the term painkiller had to be created by a marketing department, they are really pain blockers, right? What happens to the pain while it's being blocked, where along the line is it blocked, is everything happening the same but I just don't feel it? I'm getting into old school Seinfeld territory here so I'll stop and try to remember to ask some of the Pharma Industry people that are in my family what the whole deal is with how painkillers work.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Source of the Problem

So this is what has been going on, about a month of face pain, was not sure if it was my teeth or sinuses, it wound up being a tooth that is adjacent to a sinus cavity, hence pain emanating from the upper left quadrant of my mouth would shoot through the sinus networks and through the root canal spiderwebbing pain all throughout my face.

I already had an appointment for a cleaning with my periodontist today, so a few weeks I tried to hold out until my appointment, but the pain got so bad that only hydrocodone could alleviate the pain. I also was not sure if the pain was a sinus infection, my family has bad allergies and my mother has had growths removed from her sinuses so that seemed like a possible cause, so I went to an allergist, he had me rinsing my sinuses and using a mediated spray, which helped a little, my guess is that the cleared sinuses caused less pressure in the area.

My wife had a week off of work and we did a lot of running around, going to the beach, which I spent laying down on a beach towel writhing in pain with a baseball cap over my face for two to three hours because I did not have any pain killers with me. We've been eating out a lot lately and that just made things worse, I could barely chew anything. Besides trying to zone out at the beach I had a few other black outs from the pain, I lost a little over a half an hour one day while watching the kids, it got to the point that the boys being loud would set off a serious head/tooth ache, you can image with a four and seven year-old that is a precarious state to be in. So the kids get loud, I'm on my knees I just put my head in my hands and plop face down in pain on the couch at 4pm, I pick my head up and it's 4:35. At first I was like wow I blacked out from pain, that's kind of cool in a weird way I've never done that before, then, oh shit where are my kids? They were fine but that was nerve racking.

I couldn't hold out any longer and saw my regular dentist, who said it looked like I might need a root canal, even though the tooth looked healthy, which would be only the third time in the 20 years of his career that he would have seen such an occurrence, golly gee, my uniqueness knows no bounds and just expresses it self in so many fascinating ways.

Saw my periodontist today and he pulled that huge tooth out, it's amazing how big they are underneath your gums. Still swallowing what tastes like a salty blood broth but hopefully this issue has passed it's crisis stage.

I handed my tooth to my four year-old thinking he would dig it's grossness, but he got freaked out by the blood, my seven year-old thought it was gross but liked it.